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Our Team

Friendliness is at home here

Friendliness is at home here, the customer is still king, politeness is crucial.
Our competent team working with CEO and company founder Markus Geiger has been at your service since 1993.

We are here for you

What can we do for you? You take centre stage with us – our professional and experienced team will be pleased to answer all your questions.

We are at your service

Since 1993 we have been dealing with new and barely used cars of the brands Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and Porsche. During the last few years we have specialized in six month- and 1-year-old Audi & VW cars.

These vehicles are intended for the German market, they are neither reimports nor EU imports.

Primarily dealers from Germany as well as from all across Europe purchase our cars, i. e. we regularly carry out tax-free net exports and deliveries to dealers with sales tax identification number and customers from non-EU third countries.

This is how you can also benefit as a private customer - since we buy whole vehicle fleets, we receive price advantages which we pass on to our customers.

Your advantages at a glance

  • barely used vehicles in excellent condition – contractually guaranteed
  • favourable conditions
  • net sales
  • price advantages passed on to our customers (low stock costs, acquisition of vehicle fleets, etc.)
  • tax-free export/net sales to third countries and companies in EU countries without deposit
  • flexible delivery
  • Europe-wide delivery
  • possibility of trading in your old vehicle
  • attractive financing options via our partner banks
  • payment upon delivery

Just as new! Only the price is second hand!

You want the car of your dreams, but you don't want to spend a fortune? The GEIBA Team offers you top brands at reasonable prices. Audi and VW – barely used cars that look like new.

Do not wait any longer – NOW is the best time to make your dream car come true!


This is what our customers say about us

Your dream car – only one click away!

Competent and attentive advice, top quality at a good price. Look around yourself or read what our customers say.

Klaus Roos was looking for a fancy Jaguar Cabriolet (…) “I looked on the Internet and found what I was looking for immediately. The offer by Markus Geiger, CEO of Geiba Automobile in Ulm (www.geiba.de), did not only convince me because of the colour and accessories, but also as regards the price.”

Here you can read the whole report from „DM“ (in German)

This is how you rate us

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This is how you rate us

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the condition of a barely used car?

All cars are professionally prepared before delivery. The barely used car you buy from us is as good as new and without any defects. We guarantee that contractually.

How are your prices determined?

We are able to offer our vehicles at very good value for money with a low service charge because we buy whole vehicle fleets, market the cars directly and have low stock costs.

Do you offer test drives?

We are happy to offer you a test drive with your desired vehicle! If the vehicle has not been delivered to our warehouse yet we can certainly offer you a comparable vehicle for a test drive. Please make an appointment for your test drive. We are happy to arrange it also outside our usual opening hours.

Can I trade in my old car?

We are glad to accept your old car as a trade-in. Please provide us with the VIN number of your vehicle. This allows us to determine the standard equipment with which the vehicle was delivered. Please inform us if you bought further equipment, such as winter tyres or retrofitted equipment features. The following information is also required: initial registration, mileage, number of previous owners, any existing defects and damage/previous damage/accidents, tyre profile of the summer and winter tyres, last customer service and the validity of TÜV/AU [last official technical inspection and exhaust emission test]. Please let us know at what price you would like to sell your car..

Do you offer delivery of my desired vehicle?

We are glad to offer you the delivery of your dream car to your front door! The delivery costs are moderate because we combine the delivery trips with collections of other vehicles and thus save costs.


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